Our Services

We provide Generators for Rent in Gurgaon City.

Sawarn Generators provides expert services for rental power systems, for all makes of diesel generator sets Sound-Proof and Non Sound-Proof as well. Supported by trained engineers and technicians, this assures that expert help is always available.

Sound Proof Generators

Sawarn Generators has engine and generator set technicians, control engineers and electrical systems experts to get your plant up and running, and keeps it running. We can design, supply, install and service all power system components, as well as make modifications to our existing power systems instantly.

Sawarn Generators equipment maintenance programs have one goal in mind: maximizing reliability day and night and helping customers control operating costs.

Whatever the requirement, Sawarn Generators can provide customers with qualified trained technicians to inspect and maintain a wide range of equipment.
Sawarn Generators offers 24 hour emergency rental generator service and preventative maintenance programs for all makes of power generation equipment and switchgear. We also offer load bank testing up to 1500KVA single units and multiple units can be connected together to achieve larger capacities.
We can perform a load test to check performance of the engine and generator set, while monitoring and measuring coolant temps, oil temps, voltage, amps, available KW output and generator temps.
This evaluation of your equipment's overall condition allows us to make necessary repair recommendations and provide repair options.

For us service means more than just providing a prompt supply of parts or sending a maintenance specialist to fix a problem, it means taking responsibility.